Life is a game!

Let’s play is a video clip documenting a playthrough of a video game including gamer’s commentary. It means that a person plays the game and comments on it and his/her general and instant impressions. It would seem nothing supernatural, but people came up with such format quite recently. Taking into consideration the fact that creation of Let’s Play videos doesn’t require professional equipment (your current PC is enough), practically any person can create it. The fact is that besides fame successful Let’s Players earn good cash from Youtube partnership. This fact attracts a lot of suffering souls who don’t take into consideration lots of factors in the pursuit of easy money. That’s why they can’t earn a penny. In the meantime, the quantity of bad – quality videos increases and people find them all the time in their search list.

What’s the secret of Let’s Players?

Firstly, despite the prevalence of openness of media market, they have found new audience, still not conquered by other media channels. There are lots of reasons why people don’t play games, yet prefer watching others play them. It may both be the lack of a powerful PC, money for videogames, and also a wish to know more about games. Many Let’s Players are experts in the knowledge of certain games and can tell a lot of interesting facts during a playthrough. Even more strange reasons can be found. For example, a person may be afraid of playing horrors but watches their playthrough because it’s “not that scary”.

We’ve got all necessary equipment for creating quality Let’s Plays!