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In modern times video blog is an essential part of every person’s life. The more quality and interesting vlog is, the more chances it has to be seen. Video blog (or vlog) is a form of blog where video is the main means of transmitting information. Video blog is a form of web TV. It combines an embedded video or video connection with text, images and other metadata.

All recordings are done in the form of one block or it can include several parts. It is very popular on YouTube. The growth of its popularity began in 2005. The size of the Videoblogging group on Yahoo! Website sharply increased in 2005. The most popular Youtube video exchange website was founded in February 2005. Till July 2006 it became fifth among most popular websites with 100 million views per day and 65 thousand new additions daily.

MagneticOne TV offers a recording of video blog using the professional equipment with the following montage and branding.